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Save Lives, Protect Property Assets, Mitigate Liability Exposure,
Contribute to a Resilient Business Community Environment and Promote Profitability
Critical Response Technologies (CRT) is a sophisticated emergency planning and disaster response company. We design and deploy cutting-edge software applications (The Aegis™ System) to our clients; Critical Infrastructure, Key Resources (CIKR’s), e.g., commercial and government building managers, commercial property/facility owners, public safety agencies (law enforcement and fire services) and insurance companies, to name a few. Our offerings greatly enhance our clients’ ability to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and ultimately mitigate many of the devastating effects of “All Hazards” events, i.e., naturally occurring and man-made emergencies and disasters. 

As an IT software design company coupled with a safety, security, risk & vulnerability engineering consultancy, we integrate multimedia technologies with proven safety & security methodologies, to produce a truly comprehensive emergency management system. Our innovative server powered, web-delivered solutions are not only scalable for client needs but can be deployed in phases as budgets dictate. Additionally, all of our program elements can be customized, not only for client’s requirements but for the needs of specific public safety jurisdictions responsible for emergency response to the client’s facility(s). Aegis™ is congruent with government, industry, and emerging best business practice protocols. Aegis™ is easily updated and as it is server delivered virtually eliminates version control and update challenges. 

The purpose of our program is to help:

  • Save Lives
  • Protect Property Assets
  • Mitigate Libility Exposure
  • Contribute to a safe, secure, and resilient business and community environment
  • Promote Profitability

We provide a rapid, informed emergency response coupled with real-time communications and incident management – RESULT – a very high degree of situational awareness, critical to preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation, all critical elements of a safe, effective and comprehensive emergency management system.
Who We Are

Critical Response Technologies’ corporate stakeholders have been assembled from a wide range of professional backgrounds and expertise. We have worked in both government and the private sector with extensive cross-over experience, education, and training spanning decades. Company founders have experience in a minimum of two disciplines, many with extensive and distinguished military service. We believe that we can characterize our company leadership and consultancy talent as world-class. Listed below is a sampling of the areas of expertise, experience and backgrounds of our founders.
Law Enforcement, Fire Services and Emergency Medical Response (First Responders):
  • Law Enforcement
    • Federal – Secret Service, FBI, TSA, Intelligence Community (CIA, DIA, NSA and Military Intelligence)
    • National Executive Branch Operations – Senior Whitehouse Security and Protection
    • State and Local (City and County) Police Officers
    • All with extensive experience within their respective agencies including special operations, tactical SWAT/Hostage and a wide variety of other specialized disciplines
  • Fire Protection Services – State and Local (City and County)
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Emergency Planning Consulting
  • Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP)
  • Security, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Consulting
  • Multi-Discipline Exercise/Training
  • Contingency and Business Continuity Planning Consulting
Private Sector:
  • Legal Profession (Attorneys) with business development, litigation and IT patent experience
  • Internet Technology with extensive hardware, software, security and networking experience
  • Insurance Industry/Brokerage
  • Security Industry Professionals
  • Commercial Real Estate Industry

Rapid, informed response provides a high degree of situational awareness that can save lives, protect property assets, mitigate liability exposure, and increase organizational resilience.
 CRT’s Aegis Emergency Management Solutions, electronically places critical facility intelligence at the fingertips of property management teams and first responders.

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